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I'm so excited to annouce that Under a Sicilian Sky is published on July 8th 2021. I have reviews from some incredible authors!

'An uplifting and adventurous romance which reminds us that all that glitters is definitely not gold!' Heidi Swain

'I loved the book. It’s a captivating story with a relatable heroine and beautifully vivid settings. A perfect holiday read!' Darcie Boleyn

'I LOVE the physical and mental journey that Ruby goes through in this book, and with today's perils of social media, this story is a modern and romantic gem.' Rachel Dove

'Involving and intriguing!' Sue Moorcroft

Here is the blurb:

Global box office sensation, Ruby Locke, is a long way from her Yorkshire roots. Together with her fiancé, movie heartthrob Tyler Harrison, they are Hollywood’s new glitterati.

Overnight, Ruby’s life implodes when her social media accounts are hacked with a multitude of vile posts, turning her into an international pariah. Even Tyler breaks off their engagement.

Confused and heartbroken, Ruby escapes to the beautiful island of Sicily to avoid the media scrutiny. With only a Yorkshire Terrier to comfort her, Ruby is befriended by a handsome, mysterious neighbour and slowly begins to heal. But are his inentions true?

When her Sicilian hideaway is compromised, Ruby is once again forced to relocate, this time to the stunning Isle of Skye, off the West Coast of Scotland. Here Ruby is left to question who wants to destroy her career, and also if the celebrity lifestyle is really for her...

You can get your copy here:

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