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'We're so touched to hear that our music has inspired Lisa's writing!'

The Proclaimers - Popular Scottish Music Duo

'Heartwarming and uplifting ... I was singing along from the very first page' 

Heidi Swain - Sunday Times Bestselling Author

'This is a story to fall in love with, a triumph of love over loss, hope over heartache and ultimately a tale that will lift your spirits and leave you smiling at the end!' 

Faith Hogan - Bestselling Author

'Lisa has perfectly crafted the ability to pull her readers in from the very beginning and A Summer of New Beginnings was no exception.'

Tasha Williams - Red's Midnight Readers Blog

'I love it! - escape to the beautiful Isle of Skye with this feel-good, uplifting story of lost love and second chances...'

Holly Martin - Bestselling Author

'Lisa Hobman is a brilliant story teller and creates amazing romantic moments'

Chells And Books - Blogger

'Simply gorgeous. An uplifting story of two broken individuals trying to find the courage to take a chance on love again’

Jessica Redland - Bestselling Author

'The author's dry sense of humour smacked me in the face and I spent the whole book giggling into my Kindle at the witty retorts and laugh a minute gags.'

Stacy Is Reading - Blog

'Lisa handled some tough subjects with a delicate and deft touch. I'm ready to escape to Skye!' 

Sarah Bennett - Bestselling Author

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